Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Parent Consultation and Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Town & Country Pediatrics offers consultation and therapy to address parenting difficulties and emotional or behavioral issues in children and adolescents. Beth Shapiro, L.C.S.W. and Meghan Dean, L.C.S.W., provide child, adolescent and family therapy, as well as parenting consultation and coaching.

A.D.H.D Evaluation and Diagnosis

Dr. Kerry Brown Hasbrook, a licensed clinical psychologist, has 18 years experience providing therapeutic services to children and their families.  Her areas of expertise are inattention, hyperactivity, distractibility, traumatic brain injury, social skills training, psychological evaluations, parent training, and coping with chronic and acute medical conditions.  At Town & Country Pediatrics, Dr. Hasbrook administers ADHD evaluations to patients and provides recommendations to promote their success both at school and at home.

Dr. Robert Finke, a licensed clinical psychologist, provides both assessment and therapeutic interventions with children and families. Areas of expertise and clinical interest include health psychology (i.e., adjustment to illness, pain management and non-compliance with medical regimens), mood problems (i.e., anxiety and depression), externalizing problems (i.e., ADHD, oppositional behaviors) and medical trauma. At Town & Country Pediatrics, Dr. Finke provides therapy for children, adolescents and families and also administers evaluations for patients with learning problems and concerns about ADHD.

A.D.H.D., Evaluation of Behavioral Problems and Medication Management

Dr. Constance Blade is a Board Certified Pediatrician, with over thirty years of experience, and has a special focus on problematic behaviors including emotional and academic challenges. After her assessment, Dr. Blade will recommend a course of treatment for your child that may include school accommodations, behavioral or psychological therapy and medication.